Organising Safe Events 


The Surrey Association recognises the importance of health and safety, the need to promote best practice and work towards a safer environment for the improvement and enjoyment of bell ringing for everyone.


The Association has developed a document giving practical guidance applicable to all ringing activities that the Association is responsible for the management and organisation of. This may include ringing at organised meetings and events, business meetings, social activities, training sessions and outings. It may also be used by individual towers when organising their own ringing events. It does not cover activities of members, not carried out under the management and organisation of the association.


The document consists of:


· An outline of the General Policy and responsibilities of the Association with respect to Health and Safety at ringing events


· Guidance for organisers on running a safe event


· A Generic Risk Assessment for Surrey Association Ringing Events.


It should be used by all those responsible for organising Surrey Association Ringing Events.


Organising Safe Events.pdf
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