Our Logo

Logo files are made available here to download for approved use in compliance with the Associations terms of use (see below).  Please contact the Communications Officer for further advice.

SA Logo Black Image.png
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SA Logo Colour Image.png
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SA Logo Black Vector.svg
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SA Logo Colour Vector.svg
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Logo Terms of Use

  • The Surrey Association logo forms an essential part of the Association's image and property and as such, it is not to be used without prior approval.
  • The logo or any of its constituent elements (such as format, proportions, graphic design, colours, etc.) should not be altered, adapted or modified in any way.
  • It is expressely forbidden to use the logo for commercial purposes or in any way which is inconsistent with the objectives of the Association.

Colour Palette Guidance

The Association uses a dark blue and gold colour palette as the basis for its brand image.  These colours are used in the logo and on the website.