Honorary Posts


President - Robert Cooles


Vice Presidents - The Bishops of Southwark; Guildford; Croydon; Kingston-upon-Thames; and Woolwich.


General Officers


Master - Noel Gibbin

Secretary - Ann Beirne

Assistant Secretary - Milica Reardon

BRF Secretary - Malcolm McAlister

Training Officer - Martin Crick

Communications Officer - Chris Baldwin


District Committees


Northern District Master - Vacant

ND Secretary - Richard Harris

ND Assistant Secretary - David Whitehead

ND Committee Members - Russell King, Paul Flavell


Southern District Master - Paul Beeken

SD Secretary - Sue Dixon

SD Assistant Secretary - Margaret Zandona

SD Committee Members - Matt Cousins, Alan Cooke


Other roles


Peal Secretary - Shirley McGill

Independant Examiner - Andrew Robinson

Safeguarding Officer - Susan Gibbin

Archivist - Sue Dixon

Librarian - Richard Wallis

Webmaster - Chris Baldwin

Central Council Representatives - Jeremy Cheesman, Kate Flavell, Paul Flavell,  Richard Wallis



Additional contact information may be available in the Annual Report.