Guidelines for sending emails




In these days of mass communication we all get lots of wanted and unwanted emails. To avoid our members getting too many unwanted and unnecessary emails through our MemberMojo chat groups please use the following guidelines when considering sending emails:


  1. Emails should only be used for communicating about ringing activities within the Association.
  2. Emails about ringing activities outside the Association shall only be sent through the Association or District Masters or Secretaries.
  3. Make emails succinct – else they are unlikely to get read.
  4. Read through emails carefully before sending to avoid errors and therefore having to send out again.
  5. If you want to hear about events and news in both Districts please join both groups.
  6. When sending emails about events and news in a particular District only send the email to that District, unless it is relevant to the whole Association.
  7. News and events relevant to the whole Association may be sent to both groups.
  8. Please do not send emails about cancelled ringing during the week between Christmas and New Year, and in Holy Week. Most towers do not practice in these weeks. Only send emails advising if ringing practices are on in these weeks and you want the District communities to know.
  9. Please avoid adding attachments to your emails.  Where necessary provide a web address for a link to the document shared online.