Rules and Guidelines for sending emails on the District Network Groups


The Association provides email groups that allow members to share information and seek support from across the community.  These groups are provided as part of our MemberMojo memberships system and all members can optionally subscribe  to these groups by ticking the appropriate option in their MemberMojo membership form. 


Once subscribed a member can send emails to one or both of the district groups using the relevant email address:


Northern District:

Southern District:


We rely on all members making considerate and careful use of these groups to make sure we protect each other and ensure there are no unwanted or unnecessary emails sent.


Please be mindful of the following rules when sending emails:

  1. Email groups are provided soley for the purposes of communicating about local ringing activities relevant to the Associations members. 
  2. Emails about ringing activities outside the Association should be sent through the Association or District Masters or Secretaries.
  3. Email groups should not be used to sell any good or services unrelated to bellringing, solicite participation in any non ringing activities or seek charitable donations other than for a cause approved by the Association.
  4. Please do not send emails about cancelled ringing during the week between Christmas and New Year, and in Holy Week. Most towers do not practice in these weeks. Only send emails advising if ringing practices are on in these weeks and you want the District communities to know.

To help us all get the most from the groups please consider these guidelines when sending emails:

  • Consider the right audience, when sending emails about events and news in a particular District only send the email to that District.   Only share with both groups if it is relevant to the whole Association.
  • Consider the reader and always make your emails succinct and to the point and sign then with your name and tower.
  • Consider yourself, always proof read emails before sending to avoid errors and embarrassing mistakes.
  • Wherever possible please avoid adding attachments to your emails.  If you need to share a document post it online and  provide a link in your email.