Yahoo have announced that they will be discontinuing their group email service on December 15th 2020.  Our existing Northern and Southern District Yahoo groups will be unavailable after this date.


What is the Surrey Association going to do?


The Yahoo groups have served the Association very well for almost 20 years and have been a mainstay of our member communications, not just for letting you know about meetings and events but allowing members to share their own news and reach out to others for support for weddings and other special occassions.  Our aim is to replace Yahoo groups with a comparable service.


Co-incidentally work was already underway to implement a new online membership management system early in the new year.  This system includes a similar email group service to that provided by Yahoo.  We have decided therefore to use the new membership system to host our community email groups in future.


Once the new membership system is online we will be inviting Yahoo group members to subscribe to the new groups.


You can read about the work to implement a new membership system here.


What do Yahoo group members need to do?


The Yahoo groups will continue until the 15th December and we will still be sharing our news and updates there until that time.


What happens after that depends on whether you are a member of the Association or a non member who subscribes to the group to stay in touch.


The replacement email groups will only be available to members.  In the future we recommend non members to follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay in touch with the Association (information on how to do this is provided below).


Transition Arrangements


Yahoo are shutting down their service a little too early for us to be ready with the replacement so there will be a period of some weeks where there is no email facility available to share information with members.  We recommend all members follow us on our Facebook page or on Twitter during this period. We will also be emailing information to tower contacts to cascade to their own bands.


Data protection laws prevent us from simply converting the Yahoo group membership into the new system so to help us manage the process and to ensure you can get access to the new email groups once it is available we will be extracting your information from the Yahoo system and storing this so that we can send you an invite when the new system is ready.    


Data Privacy


We are mindful of our obligations under data protection laws and assure you that data extracted from Yahoo will be secured and used only for the single purpose of inviting you to join the new system. 


If you do not wish to sign up to the new service you are under no obligation to do so and your email address will not be kept by the Association after the new system is implemented. 


Should you wish to opt out of having your email address extracted from Yahoo and used for this limited purpose we recommend you unsubscribe from the Association Yahoo groups before December 13th (you will find details on how to do this below).


Further information on your data privacy rights are provided in the Associations privacy policy and a link can be found to this at the bottom of the page.


Have a question about this?  Please email:

Join us on Social Media


You can keep in touch with the Association and get information on upcoming meetings and events from our social media accounts.  Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter.



Unsubscribing from Yahoo Groups


If you no longer wish to receive emails from the Surrey Assoication or do not want us to use your email address to invite you to join our new service please unsubscribe from the Yahoo group before December 13th by sending a blank email to for the Northern District or for the Southern District. Alternatively there is an unsubscribe link on the bottom of every email.