Fellowship Awards


One of the objectives of the association is stated as:


“to promote fellowship and harmony among bellringers generally including organising social meetings and making gifts on behalf of the Association and to promote goodwill and understanding between bellringers and the general public;”


The association will make funds available to local bands of ringers to support initiatives that achieve the purpose of the objective.


For example this might include (but is not limited to):


- Holding outreaching social events e.g. that are open to the district or wider community. No
funding should be expected for initiatives that exclusively benefit the proposing band.

- Improvement of ringing chambers

- Installation of belfry cameras and monitors visible to the public

- Production of local publicity material

- Gifts for individuals whose contribution to local ringing is worthy of recognition by the association

- Expenses for attendance at national events where the association would not otherwise be represented such as the Ringing World young ringers striking competition


Grants would not be awarded for:


- Any belfry maintenance or restoration work that would normally be considered for a grant from the BRF

-Any training or associated activity that would normally be considered by the Training Group




1. Bands of ringers within the association may apply for a fellowship grants not exceeding £200 in any one year.

2. The amount awarded for a fellowship grant will be no more than 50% of the total expected cost of the initiative.

3. Grants will be funded from the general funds of the association.

4. The total value of grants made in any calendar year will be capped at an amount agreed from time to time by the general committee. The limit is currently £2,000. 

5. Applications for fellowship grants should be made to the general secretary and sponsored by at least two other current members of the general committee.

6. Provided the sponsors and the general secretary all agree the application achieves the objective and meets the conditions of a fellowship grant it shall be awarded immediately following submission of receipts.

7. At least once a year the general committee will discuss the fellowship grants awarded and revise its guidance for future grants if it is thought necessary.

8. Details of fellowship grants awarded during each year will be published in the annual report.

Revision – 13th March 2024