Striking Competitions

This page contains information on annual Association striking competitions for method and call change striking and the Southern District friendly striking competition.

Method striking 


The method striking competitions are normally held together on the same day each year.


The Six Bell Striking Competition for The Taylor Trophy


The Eight Bell Striking Competition for the Pat Cannon Trophy



6 Bell striking competition rules
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8 Bell striking competition rules
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2018 Results


The Surrey Association 6 and 8 bell striking competitions (methods) were held at St Johns Caterham on Saturday 27th October.  The judge was Mike Bale of Epsom St Martins.  The results were:


6 bell:

1st Kingston (20 faults)

2nd Redhill (30)

3rd Croydon (56)

4th Caterham (62)

5th Dorking (64)

6th Merstham (103)

7th Benhilton (116)

8th Newdigate (126)


8 bell:

1st Kingston (55)

2nd Croydon (58)

3rd Caterham and Merstham (MerCats) (148)


Call Changes 


The call change striking competition for the Sid Saban Trophy is held in July each year.


Recent Winners


2018  Battersea

2017  Redhill

2016  Redhill

2015  Redhill

2014  Croydon Minster

2013  Croydon Minster

2012  Croydon Minster




1 Any Sunday service band or band that regularly rings together at practice night in the county may compete. The addition of one other ringer to the band of six to make up numbers shall not affect the tower's entitlement to compete for the trophy. No person may ring more than twice. No team may contain more than three people who have already rung in the competition. All bands shall contain one ringer who has not yet rung one quarter peal inside.


2 There will be no entry fee and no prizes, but the winning band will be awarded the Sid Saban Trophy. Certificates will be awarded to all bands who enter.


3 The names of the ringers in each band shall be given in writing to the General Master or their nominee prior to ringing.


4 A preliminary period of up to three minutes will be allowed to try the bells following which the ropes may be adjusted. The bells may be stood and restarted once.


5 When a band is ready for its performance, two whole pulls on the treble shall signal to the judge that they are about to start. Judging will commence immediately and finish when the bells are stood (failure to do so will not incur a penalty).


6 There will be eight minutes of ringing including a minimum of sixteen call changes producing a minimum of sixteen different rows which must end in rounds. The choice is left to the discretion of the conductor. A nominee of the General Master will act as timekeeper. He shall advise the conductor when seven of the required eight minutes have elapsed and will call stand after eight minutes.


7 When the judge has taken up his judging position, no-one may approach him except with the express permission of the General Master or their nominee. The judge's decision is final


Southern District Friendly Striking Competition

FSC 2019 Poster
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FSC 2019 Rules
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