Information and documents for the Association Annual General Meeting in May each year will be published here.


The 2019 AGM was held on the 11th May at Battersea.


General Committee Report 2018
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District Meetings

Information and documents for upcoming District business meetings will be published here.

Annual District Meetings 2020


Northern - 18 January 2020 to be held at Holy Trinity Wandsworth

Southern - 22 February 2020 to be held at Reigate

Northern District Minutes of 2019 ADM
Northern District ADM Carshalton 19 Janu
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Northern District Nomination Minutes Nov 2019
Nomination mins Nov 2019 Final Unconfirm
Adobe Acrobat Document 62.5 KB
ND ADM 2020 Agenda
Saturday 18th January 2020 Meeting Agend
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ND ADM 2020 Programme
Saturday 18th January 2020 Programme Fin
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Southern District ADM 2019 Minutes
ADM Minutes 2019.pdf
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Southern District ABM Minutes 2018
ABM Draft Minutes 2018.pdf
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Southern District ABM Notice and Agenda
ABM Notice and agenda.pdf
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