Membership rules review

It is many years since there has been any significant revision to the Association Rules, and the General Committee now feels that the time is right to look at some changes. As a result at the AGM earlier this year there was a motion proposed to change the rules of membership to remove the need for new members to be elected and instead membership will be confirmed on receipt of a completed application form and payment of subscriptions. There was overwhelming support for this proposal.


In addition the Association rules are written in a style that makes it difficult to make this change without an extensive rewrite. The General Committee undertook to make the changes and return at next year’s AGM with the finalised wording to be formally adopted.


As we are making changes to the rules we propose to also take the opportunity to simplify the wording and incorporate other changes where these have broad support amongst the membership. All the proposed changes are detailed on our feeback form which is accessible from the link below.


The Committee intends to consult widely on the detail of these changes and the revised wording of the rules before these are put to the AGM in May 2019. Initially we would like to consult on the general principles of each of the proposed changes, that have been circulated prior to, and briefly discussed at, the recent Autumn Business meetings. We therefore invite you to provide your feedback on each proposal by stating your agreement or otherwise and where you wish provide comments. Further opportunities will be given to discuss and make comments on the proposals as they are progressed, and particularly at the next year’s ADMs.


If you would like to now provide feedback on the proposals please complete the form below and with any further comments you wish to make.


Click here to see the existing Rules


Click on this link to go to our feedback form: