Child Protection


The General Committee has appointed Jeremy Cheesman as the Association's Child Protection Officer. If you have any concerns, questions or issues about this subject, you can contact Jeremy in confidence. His contact details are in the Annual Report.


Role of the Child Protection Officer (CPO)


To ensure that the procedures of the Society comply with the Guidelines issued by the Central Council of Church Bellringers (CCCBR), the Dioceses and Parochial Church Councils of the area of the Association's operation, and legal requirements.


To ensure, as far as possible, that towers in the area covered by the Association are aware of and meet such guidelines and requirements.




The CPO should be familiar with the CCCBR Guidelines and such Guidelines as are issued by the Dioceses covering the Association's area (Southwark and Guildford). The CPO should be familiar with legislation regarding both vulnerable groups and Health & Safety issues applicable to church bell ringing.


The CPO should be the custodian of all Society documentation associated with these matters and should be the responsible for distribution of relevant information to tower and society officers.


The CPO will deal with any issues which may arise regarding protection where this is appropriate within legal limits. Advice should be made available to tower representatives and Parochial Church Councils where requested.


The CPO will act as the responsible person where it is the legal responsibility of the society to ensure suitably qualified (CRB checked) persons are available at society organised activities. Training and District events are the events likely to be covered here so contact with the Training Officer and District Masters is expected, as necessary.


The CPO will act as liaison officer with the local Dioceses ensuring good relations are maintained.



The CPO will not be expected to deal with any issues directly arising from complaints or allegations of abuse other than to refer to the appropriate authorities immediately. Any advice to towers, PCCs or society members must be qualified limiting the Association's own responsibility.


Parental Consent


Parents of under 18's attending a Surrey Association ringing or social event must complete a PARENTAL CONSENT & EMERGENCY PERMISSION FORM.  A copy of the form can be downloaded from our forms and documents page.


Unless otherwise advised by the Parent / Guardian, the permission given by this form will remain valid for subsequent Events for 2 years from the date of initial consent. If any details change the Parent / Guardian must advise the appropriate Ringing Coordinator by filling in a replacement form.




For further information on safeguarding of children involved in bell ringing please see the Central Council tower stewardship page:


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