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22 Nov
Southern District Autumn Business Meeting - Nutfield... more
6 Dec
Training Event Decembe: Ringing Up & Down... more
13 Dec
Southern District - Rounds and Call Changes at Reigate (10) + Mince Pies and a Christmas Shopping opportunity!... more
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Able Seaman Alfred Bashford

A quarter peal was rung at Nutfield to commerate the death of local ringer Able Seaman...

Striking success at Epsom Common

Surrey Association ringers gathered at Christ Church Epsom Common on Saturday 18th October for the annual 6 and 8...

"And so it came to pass" - the Barnes summer outing

The Barnes Summer Trip, held in July this year, inspired this account by Charles Turnbull as a thank you to Mike...

Beginners Day Out: Saturday 26th April 2014

An outing for novice bell ringers took place to give beginners an opportunity to ring at different towers. ...

WW1 Centenary Ringing at Putney

Putney ringers were asked by the vicar to toll the tenor half-muffled for an hour during the evening rush-hour on...

WW1 Centenary Ringing at Caterham

As the hour of commemoration drew near, fifteen church bell ringers from towers across the district gathered at St...

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