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An Afternoon in the Far North

June 20th saw the Northern District venture into the very top of our allocated area. With organisational...

Joint Forces

Kingston, Battersea and Waterloo road join forces to ring for a priesting service at Kingston on 4th July.


Redhill triumph at the Call Change Striking Competition

The competition was held at Oxted on a sunny afternoon on the 4th of July 2015. Six teams entered representing four...

Quarter Peal Week 2015 - At the Double

This year there were 16 successful quarter peals for the Quarter Peal Week - double the number of 2014.


Magna Carta 800 - June 14th

Magna Carta 800

The main event for ringers everywhere (but particularly in Surrey)...

Snap and Ring

On Saturday 23 May, a few ringers from the Southern District met on Reigate Hill, armed with cameras to shoot some...

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