Yahoo Groups 


Email is a good way to keep in touch with activities in the Association and to share information with other people in the local ringing community.  The Surrey Association operates an email subscription service that allows you to send and receive messages from other ringers in the Association. This service uses Yahoo Groups but you don't need a Yahoo account to sign up.


Keep in touch and join now.


Subscribing takes just a few moments, you just need your normal email address. Simply send a blank email to for the northern district or for the southern district.


Yahoo will send a confirmation email to you which you reply to using option 2, and it's all done. 


Send group emails


Once you are subscribed you can send a message to everyone on in the group simply by addressing an email to the group email address. Yahoo will instantly forward your email to everyone in the Group. It’s that simple and you can add attachments to your email in the usual way.


For further information and support on the Surrey Association Yahoo groups visit their home pages.




If you no longer wish to receive emails from our group or if you are changing your email address please unsubscribe by sending a blank email to for the northern district or for the southern district. Alternatively there is an unsubscribe link on the bottom of every email.


Changing your email address


Following the instructions above please unsubscribe your old address and then send a new subscription request from your new email address. 


Guidelines for sending emails


In these days of mass communication we all get lots of wanted and unwanted emails. To avoid our members getting too many unwanted and unnecessary emails through our Yahoo Groups please use the following guidelines when considering sending emails:

  • Emails should only be used for communicating about ringing activities within the Association.
  • Emails about ringing activities outside the Association shall only be sent through the Association or District Masters or Secretaries.
  • Make emails succinct – else they are unlikely to get read.
  • Read through emails carefully before sending to avoid errors and therefore having to send out again.
  • If you want to hear about events and news in both Districts please join both Yahoo Group
  • When sending emails about events and news in a particular District only send the email to that District, unless it is relevant to the whole Association.
  • News and events relevant to the whole Association may be sent to both Yahoo Groups.
  • Sending emails to both Yahoo Groups: If you want to send emails to both Yahoo Groups it is best to send a separate email to each district Yahoo Group.
  •  If you need to respond to an email do not Reply to All, but only the sender or other individuals you add yourself.
  • Please do not send emails about cancelled ringing during the week between Christmas and New Year, and in Holy Week. Most towers do not practice in these weeks. Only send emails advising if ringing practices are on in these weeks and you want the District communities to know.
  • Attachments: Adding attachments doesn’t usually work. It is best to either provide a link in the email to a file on an online shared server or to a document added (via the WebMaster) on the Surrey Association website.