Rates for 2018


Resident members - £8.00 per annum


Junior Resident members - £5.00 per annum


Members over 60 - £5.00 per annum


Non-resident members - £8.00


All resident subscriptions become due on 1st January. Junior members are those under 17 years of age on 1st January, or still receiving unpaid full time education. Members over 60 are those over 60 on 1st January.


Resident subscriptions should be paid to the relevant District Secretary:


ND - David Whitehead

SD - Sue Dixon


Non-resident subscriptions should be paid to the General Secretary.


For new members the full annual subscription fee is due at the time of election and must be paid within 3 months.  Subscription for any resident member elected on or after 1st October shall run to 31st December of the following year.  Some towers will collect or pay subscriptions for their members, please ask your tower captain or secretary to clarify the practice for your tower.